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Painting Miniatures: Mastering Edge Highlighting

Painting Miniatures

One of the most common questions I get while streaming is, “How do I master edge highlighting?” For those of you new to the hobby or who are not in the know, edge highlighting is a technique used when painting miniatures to add definition and visual interest to your model. It is often times used […]

How To Choose Your First Miniatures To Start Painting?

Painting Miniatures

You are likely to love this comprehensive guide about miniature painting and the numerous benefits it offers if you are an avid pen and paper DND player and your group has decided to use miniatures. Or you’re heavily into Warhammer lore videos, and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. It is also possible that […]

Top 3 Warhammer Paint You Must Know About


Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40000 (also known as Warhammer 40k) are becoming more popular every day. It is mostly known for its grimdark lore and the Total War Warhammer series. The game finds its origin in tabletop wargaming, which is basically a board game in which everything you put on the table is […]

Beginners Guide To Painting Miniatures

Painting Miniatures

Currently, I’ve been painting miniatures for about 6 years. I started off with Warhammer Age of Sigmar as it just had a revamp of basically everything (this period is also known as the Great Warhammer Fantasy Army Barbeque). It was easier to get into, so I took the plunge after discovering video games weren’t actually […]

Warhammer 40k Factions Overview: Popular Armies & Races

warhammer 40k factions

Are you a Warhammer lover? If so, you’ll find this guide about Warhammer 40k factions highly useful in enhancing your experience of painting the Warhammer miniatures.  Personally, I have gotten quite a grasp on the lore, factions, and playing style of Warhammer now. But there is so much more to learn about this universe, including […]