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Brushlikker is excited to build armies and scenery that meet your expectations and take your Warhammer experience to new heights.

From beautiful warriors to custom figurine displays, we’re ready to paint your imagination into reality.

Scroll down for brief intros to each of our services. Click the blocks for service details and ordering options!

Miniature Painting Service

For individual warriors or entire armies

Choose from simple rank-and-file style to the most intricate level of detail

Vibrant colors and expert assembly

Still Life Scene

Host epic fights with a high-quality tabletop battlefield and detailed scenery

Recreate your favorite scenes from Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, or Age of Sigmar with a diorama

Expert assembly and top-notch attention to detail

Custom Projects

We fulfill custom orders

Develop ideas from scratch or share your designs with us

Complete your Warhammer gameplay experience with a custom Army on Parade board to display your soldiers off the field

Miniature Painting Service

Paint Army

Individual Model

Still Life Scene

Hire for Projects


Hire for Projects


Custom Projects




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